We’re passionate about giving retail and hospitality businesses the tools to do effortless marketing that delivers measurable results.

I know at least half of my advertising budget works; I just don’t know which half.

It really frustrated us that this adage attributed to Henry Ford is still true well into the 21st century. We hate wasting money! Marketing companies tell you that all you have to do is build a great brand and you’re guaranteed success, then they go and win a bunch of awards which hang on their walls, not their clients. And businesses are still being convinced by flashy salespeople with big expense accounts to run print, radio and TV advertising, but they can’t prove that these channels ever lead to any increases in sales.

It all came to a head for us when daily deals companies started telling businesses that they could bring them new customers - all you had to do was give a 50% discount. This was great for the daily deal companies, but left retailers losing money on deals and attracting the bargain hunter type consumers, who were never going to come back again.

So we decided we wanted to do something about it. We wanted to help hospitality and retail businesses effortlessly create marketing that would generate a long-term return, that they could measure. We don’t think businesses should settle for anything less than knowing exactly what works and maximising this to grow their business.

With the coming of age of the internet as a marketing channel, things have become a lot more transparent online. However, this hasn’t been transferrable to the physical world of brick-and-mortar stores.

So we set about solving this problem. We’ve created a suite of marketing automation tools that help both physical and online retail and hospitality businesses to create powerful marketing to grow their business. And the best part is, with each of our products you can measure your success, both in-store and online!

We’re continuing to build more products to make your life as a retailer or hospitality operator easier and your marketing more effective. And we build them in a way where you can use just one, really easily and inexpensively. Or you can use the whole suite. Take your pick.

2014 Founded
19 Employees
NZ Headquarters
2000+ Stores
4,000,000+ Consumers
60+ Countries

Our Partners

Because we know businesses need a solution that works for both in-store and eCommerce, we integrate with leading eCommerce and Point-of-Sale partners to open up endless possibilities for business owners to leverage their customer and purchase data and deliver an effortless customer experience across their entire business.