Measure customer satisfaction automatically.

Collect Feedback - Customer satisfaction email

Automatically ask customers for feedback to measure customer satisfaction.

Trigger automatically

Ask for feedback after customers buy through POS and eCommerce

Collect valuable feedback

Find out what customers think about your business

Easy for customers

It's as straightforward as customers choosing a face

For your eyes only

Give customers a place to vent away from social media

Manage staff & Sites

Ensure staff are delivering great service

Track feedback

Measure results and monitor your store's performance in real time

Respond intelligently

Ease hard feelings with a reply, offer or loyalty points

Improve business

Identify areas of improvement to better your business

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Ask for feedback after customers purchase

Leading Point-of-Sale and eCommerce integrations allow you to automatically trigger feedback request emails after customers purchase.

How it works

Automatically send feedback emails

Add Feedback to your customer loyalty emails or send a stand-alone feedback email.

Collect Feedback - Customer feedback email

Customize a stand-alone feedback email

Collect Feedback - Loyalty points email


Add Feedback to your Loyalty customer emails

Improve your customer satisfaction

Detailed reporting helps you manage your stores and staff from anywhere to improve your business. Get notified when you receive a feedback response so you can act on it right away.

Collect Feedback - Customer satisfaction reporting
The feedback we get is invaluable. We are chuffed with our 100% satisfaction rate. And we would even appreciate getting negative feedback because finding ways to improve will only help us.

Kathryn Williams, The Doggie Den

From only $9/month

Pricing is based on the total number of store locations you want to collect customer feedback for and includes unlimited customers, transactions and feedback responses.

1 Store Location
$9 Per Month
0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 More than 50 stores?



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Easy set up

1. Connect

1-click Point-of-Sale and/or eCommerce install

2. Create

Add your logo and customize your messaging

3. Collect

Start collecting valuable customer feedback