The feedback we get is invaluable. We are chuffed with our 100% satisfaction rate. And we would even appreciate getting negative feedback because finding ways to improve will only help us.

- Kathryn Williams & Warren Sinclair, The Doggie Den.

100% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Here’s what The Doggie Den’s customers like about their experience

87.5% of customers are happy with The Doggie Den’s customer service

79.16% of customers are happy with The Doggie Den’s quality of products

64% of customers are happy with the wait time


Kathryn and Warren have a passion for all things dogs. Known as the doggie experts, they built up a rapport in their community that lead to them opening their own business. The Doggie Den is a bustling store in Victoria, Australia. They’ve brought their love for helping other dog owners across to The Doggie Den to not only sell pet products, but also offer their expertise on everything from training, to healthcare, to nutrition. The 5 staff are surrounded by the pitter patter of paws and doting doggie owners all day, 7 days a week.

The Doggie Den continues to place high importance on building rapport and getting to know their customers and their playful pals from puppyhood, all the way through. It's not just the products that we sell, it's the services that we offer as well - taking the time to give our customers advice on everything from training, health care, toys to nutrition. Customer service is one of the things that Kathryn and Warren pride themselves on and it’s been acknowledged with them placing in the top 10 Victorian Customer Service Awards 2016.

Collect Feedback customer - The Doggie Den Kounta Point of Sale

Why is customer service important to The Doggie Den?

Customer service is critical to any business. If we aren’t able to supply the service our customers need and deserve, then they will simply go to another competitor. We want to encourage repeat visits and having superior customer service is critical for that.


In the past the only way we have been able to get feedback has been via our Facebook reviews. That has only been done by customers at their own initiative. We’ve only had positive responses that way and while it’s good for the ego, it doesn’t help us find ways to improve. Collect Feedback allows us to see what our customers are really thinking, away from social media.

The Doggie Den also have Collect Loyalty, and have added Feedback to the bottom of their points update emails, making it easy for their customers to respond. The two faces show at the bottom of the emails and it’s easy for customers to just click a face to respond. Through the Collect-Kounta integration, every time a customer makes a purchase through Kounta and is added to the sale, the customer is automatically sent a loyalty points update email with the feedback faces on it. Kathryn and Warren and their staff at the Doggie Den are great at adding customers to sales, with 89% of their sales tied to a customer, giving them a big opportunity to collect lots of valuable customer feedback.

Collect Feedback customer - The Doggie Den - Warren feedback email

The Doggie Den has email updates turned on to help them stay on top of their feedback. Each time a customer responds, The Doggie Den gets an email. This allows us to see at a glance how we are doing as it happens, without having to go directly into the full response. You always want to see the green smiley face. We haven’t seen a red one yet. Kathryn & Warren also pay close attention to the different reasons their customers give for their responses. While we can get 100% positive responses, there still may be areas we can improve. As we evaluate the responses, we may notice that perhaps we aren’t getting as many positive responses for wait time, so that’s an area we can improve on, for example.

What's your Favourite Feedback feature?

The feedback comments are something in particular that I look for. While we can get generic responses from customers, that personal touch helps when they add a comment. It makes it easy for customers to be articulate about what they liked or disliked during their visit with us.

While Kathryn and Warren spend a lot of time in their store, they can also manage their store while they are away from it using Collect Feedback. We can monitor the feedback from wherever we are and discuss, irrespective of if we are actually at work or not. Sometimes it’s helpful to be able to plan a fix when you’re not busy with the day-to-day running of the business.

Collect Feedback customer - The Doggie Den - Warren Training

Because customer service is so important to The Doggie Den, being able to monitor their staff performance and what customers think of their experience with their staff is important. The ability to filter on staff member specific to each response is very helpful. It will enable us to applaud excellent service and performance manage those that are struggling. Credit, where credit is deserved, goes a long way to increasing staff morale.

If you got some negative feedback, What would you do about it?

If we got any negative feedback then we would be actioning that straight away. How can we stop that ever happening again? What could we have done better? Do we need to retrain a staff member? Do we need to follow up with the customer?


88% of customers are happy with the Customer Service

76% of customers are happy with the Quality

64% of customers are happy with the wait time

20% of customers are happy with another area

Collect Feedback - Kathryn training

How do you see Feedback being helpful as The Doggie Den grows?

Any feedback is good feedback. While we hear how we are doing well to our faces, customers could have a negative experience and not feel comfortable telling us. This option gives them the chance to let us know what we could be doing better.

Kathryn’s Tip for great customer service

We make a point of going that extra mile for each customer. Greet them with a smile, learn their names, find out what’s happening with them...and remember it. Treat them like a human, not an inconvenience or an interruption to your day. We are here to help them. Make sure they know that.

The Doggie Den always put their customers and their dog companions first. They see the value in giving their customers the best customer service possible, which is reflected in their feedback results, with 88% of customers identifying The Doggie Den’s customer service as top notch.

How The Doggie Den are making the most of Feedback

The Doggie Den staff are all really motivated, adding 89% of their customers to sales, which means that their customers are receiving their loyalty emails with feedback after their purchases. This gives Kathryn and Warren the ability to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in their store for the majority of their customers. They are also really interested in the feedback that they receive and are always looking for ways to improve on their store’s performance.

Start measuring your customer satisfaction with Collect Feedback.

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